Art that Creates Beauty That’s Skin Deep

Tattoo is an ancient art form that dates back many thousands of years and spans the globe. And this ancient art form, despite its modern advances, is still best learned the ancient way – teacher to student, mentor to apprentice.

What it takes to be an apprentice.

A love of beauty expressed through art.

To become a tattoo artist you need just two things: a love of beauty, and a desire to express that beauty through art.

Your idea of what’s beautiful might differ from ours. That’s OK. There will be people out there that align with you and who want and need what you have to offer.

You might feel like you’re an outsider, looking in. That’s OK. You’ll reach people that feel the same way.

You might have failed a hundred times. That’s OK. So have we. So have our customers.

We don’t have everything figured out. But we do know that being able to work with people to express their story, to capture their memories and bring their deepest hopes and dreams to life was a big step towards our own easiness in life. We do that through the tattoos that we create. We want to share that with you.

What we look for in an apprentice

Our apprentices are artists first. They are people who are looking to create something beautiful in the world. People who want to help others find and tell their story through that beautiful art. And they are keen to learn the skill of tattooing as an expression of that art.

We are looking for people who are ready to work hard, and put the best of themselves into that work. We don’t care whether it’s your first career choice right out of school, or a third or fourth career that’s giving you a second chance for a new start. We don’t care about CVs, work experience or (god forbid) marks from school.

If you’re ready to work hard and learn to create beautiful, bespoke tattoos as your contribution to the world, we’re ready to teach you.

What We’re NOT Looking For.

Grunts to do years of menial work without learning anything about tattooing.
People who aren’t willing to innovate, or learn new techniques and skills.
People looking for a job… not a career.
People who thinks that tattooing is only for the few.
Anyone wanting a shortcut.

What We Give To Our Apprentices

An Expert Skill

We’ll start teaching you the skills you need to become a first-class tattoo artist from the moment you begin your apprenticeship. You won’t spend months or even years cleaning up or doing menial tasks. Our priority is to turn you into a successful, expert artist as efficiently as possible.

A Modern Approach

We’ll teach you everything we know about tattooing – the things we’ve learned here in Australia and across the world. You’ll have the expertise that comes from understanding and becoming proficient in the most modern and innovative tattooing techniques and skills.

A Variety of Techniques

You’ll learn a variety of techniques, including line work, blackwork, colour packing and shading, and more from there. We encourage our apprentices to practice every technique for a while before settling into one niche. You never know where untapped brilliance might lie.

Learn the Client Journey

Being a tattoo artist involves working with clients. We’ll teach you how to work with clients end to end, from the design process through to aftercare best practices.

We create unique fine art tattoos in your style